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Purple conditioner bar

Parrotfish's Purple Conditioner Bar helps neutralize blonde or silver hair to restore vibrancy, shine, and brilliance. It is infused with acai oil, known for its protective qualities against environmental damage, and aloe extract, adept in replenishing moisture.

This concentrated conditioner is your ultimate solution for toning, protecting, and moisturizing your hair. The aloe extract delicately eliminates excess sebum and product buildup, preserving the integrity of the hair strands with its gentle nature. Meanwhile, the acai oil, rich in nourishing fatty acids, works wonders on frizzy, dry, or damaged hair, infusing curls with smoothness, shine, and moisture. Enhanced with Vitamin E boasting natural antioxidant properties, our formula delivers intensive moisture without leaving any greasy residue, fostering scalp health and stimulating hair growth.

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