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Powder Brush

NEW! Get ready because I'm going to wax poetic about this brush - it is EVERYTHING - everything!  

Okay - most powder brushes are great at putting powder on your forehead and cheeks but when you want to get under the eye or around your nose you have to pinch them to get smaller OR get another brush.  Not so with this one!  The tapered head means it performs beautifully on every plane of your face - a true makeup artist's dream!  And if you're not a makeup artist, it'll make you feel like one!  

This brush works beautifully with loose or pressed powders of all sorts - translucent, foundation powder, bronzer, even blush!

Matte white wooden handles are made from FSC certified well-managed forests.

As a makeup artist I'm drawn to soft brushes that feel good on your skin and help you achieve the look you want as opposed to scratchy ones that drop hair all over your face and make your job harder - not worth it!


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