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B-LINER Ultra Thin Brow Pencil - Triangular Tip

Ultra-thin, retractable brow pencil for defining, filling in, and drawing hair-like strokes with precision and ease.

Use it to define your brow shape, underline the arch, and fill in brows to achieve fuller, more symmetrical-looking brows. To maintain a natural effect, draw hair-like strokes to fill in sparser areas of your brow. Use the spoolie for a blended, less rigid look. Why the triangular tip? Use the flat surface to fill in brows and define the shape. Use the fine tip mimic hair-like strokes We recommend using the spoolie to brush through brows for a more natural finish and a better color blend.

Why you will LOVE the B-LINER:

- Ultra-thin tip

- Pencil + spoolie in one

- Versatile: mimic hairlike strokes, outline, fill in and blend

- Long-lasting, doesn't rub off

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